• What We Do

    CrossPoint Technologies designs and manufactures redundancy switching systems, selector switches and matrix switching systems. All design and manufacturing is done in the United States at our facility in Fabyan, CT. Our products are commonly found in satellite ground stations, commercial TV and video processing facilities and government installations.

    Many types of analog and digital signals can be switched having bandwidths form DC to 18GHz. Our product focus is from 20MHz to 3Ghz, but we have made custom designed products through 18GHz. We have standard products that are highlighted in the products section of the web-site, but we also are willing to custom design a products to meet your unique specification and performance requirements.

  • Our Products

    Matrix Switch Systems

    • N Inputs X N Outputs
    • DC – 18 GHz
    • Blocking / Non-Blocking
    • Full Fan out / Full Fan In
    • Local or Remote Control

    Selector Switch Systems

    • One input to N Outputs
    • N Inputs to One Output
    • N=2 through 128
    • DC – 18 GHz
    • Local or Remote Control

    Redundant Switching Systems

    • One for One up to One for Eight
    • DC – 18 GHz
    • Automatic switch-over on failure
    • Priority channel override
    • Local or Remote Control