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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to browse our website. Founded in 2000, CrossPoint Technologies has equipment operating in systems around the world. We provide switching systems for analog and digital signals. Our Redundancy Switches assure high reliability communication links while minimizing the costs of redundant equipment. Our products cover the frequency range of DC to 18 GHz, and are used in Teleports, Earth Stations, Base Stations and Government Systems.


RF and Microwave Switches

CrossPoint Technologies has switches designed to meet a variety of needs. Solid state and mechanical relay switching technologies are available. Solid state switches provide unlimited life cycles, while mechanical relays offer lower insertion loss and better isolation in the microwave frequency ranges.

Digital Switching

                                                          CrossPoint's digital switches are protocol independent and find their application in signal monitoring or intercept systems. Synchronous and asynchronous products are available to several hundred Mbps.



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